About Us

The International American Relief Society

We have been dedicated to reducing suffering and fighting hunger and poverty.

IARS was founded by Pastor Dennis Hennman and his friend Jean Aimé Shabanza Mbiya Bondo in August 2016, in response to the issues of many underprivileged people who are struggling with their daily life.

IARS works in partnership with local organizations where our support are needed. Domestic partnerships are a crucial element in the fight against hunger and local organizations play a significant role in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations, of people suffering from malnutrition and affected by food insecurity.

The IARS acts to fight and end the displacement force by participating in the development of the human being in” upstream and downstream” that is mean, work to support the victim population of developing countries to develop their societies and promote human dignity

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Millions People helped every year
Millions People reached since 2012
+ 0
Offices across the US and the world

We believe in a World where no one lives in fear, where all have access to a decent standard of living, and to the opportunities essential to a long, healthy and productive life.


Our mission is to develop and run emergency programs, which help families in disadvantaged situations to improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty in Nebraska.

It also assists the community with disaster crisis relief and response, and preparedness efforts to help people prepare in advance of disasters to reduce the impact on vulnerable and underserved populations.

For populations outside the United States of America, IARS provides life-saving relief and supports development programs in agriculture, economic development, health, housing, and infrastructure, children protection, Internal displease and refugees.

IARS also strengthens efforts to aid people in need through our representatives and local organization partners.

Our Core Values

Being Faithful to our Mission, we are empowered by the following core values:


We empathize with the suffering of others and actively work to alleviate it as if it were our own.


We value every individual’s God-given right to be treated with respect and dignity and accept the responsibility to manage others in the same way.


We embody wholeness and unity through honesty in our words and actions.


We act with fairness and mercy in our relationships and advocate for positive change in our Society.


We strive to use our knowledge, skills, and talents to carry out our responsibilities to the best of our ability.


The International American Relief Society is controlled and regulated by its board members.

The board members form the general body that has a responsibility to regulate the IARS POLICIES, the election of the Board of Directors, appointment of the auditors and approval of the annual budget.

As well as its executive staffs, and the Board members, the International American Relief Society (IARS) has a senior management team who manage daily.

We are fully compliant with the Governance Code of conduct. (CFR: IARS CODE OF CONDUCT)


Our Partners:

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