IARS: Lincoln Homeless Program

“Casa de la Divina Providencia.”

We strongly believe that in empowering and coaching people toward excellence, will change the quality of all we do.

A range of factors leads to homelessness — job loss, eviction, family tragedy, addiction, domestic violence, a significant health condition, and more.

The common denominator is a significant crack in their life foundation.

Our programs will be multi-pronged and multi-layered, designed to meet people where life has led them.

Home comers need another chance

How about a person who gets out after serving a few years? How many friends and relatives have died in the meantime?

Are there children who have grown up and set up their own lives, and would prefer not to associate with an ex-con?

What place is there for someone who has been incarcerated for a quarter of a century; who understands almost nothing about the modern world; who has no job skills; who could never get hired anyway because of his record; whose only acquaintances on the outside are likely to be former inmates like himself?

Now add to that scenario the genuine possibility that the person might have been innocent in the first place. It happens all the time.

 We see how many people have gotten as far as death row, or even been executed for crimes they did not do.

How many have lesser sentences resulted from wrongful convictions? It is worth thinking about.

Casa de la Divina Providencia as International American Relief Society (IARS) program will focus on providing individuals with comprehensive supportive services, which will enable them to return to independent living and to obtain employment.

The program will serve men who are 18 and older. All participants in the program will receive an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Men who are accepted into the program will be assigned to a case manager who will develop an individual service plan (ISP). The ISP targets goals that should be reached before and after leaving the program.

The ISP shows goals that should be met by individuals in the program. The primary goal will be to help the residents in finding employment and moving into permanent housing.

Anyone can be homeless at any time. While most people cannot fathom the idea of not having a roof over their head or a daily shower, millions of people suffer every day with homelessness. Unfortunately, the number of homeless men far outweighs the number of shelters in Lincoln Nebraska.

Upon leaving the criminal justice system, formerly incarcerated men have few options to keep them out of the cold.

Those without family to take them in must often wait months if not years in the shelter or three-quarter house system before they secure stable, affordable housing. There is one men shelter in Lincoln, Nebraska—which currently leaves some people homeless each night—and small public help to accommodate people reentering society after a life in prison or struggling with some social issue.

Casa de la Divina Providencia plan to be a home of Relief

The retribution and rehabilitation that inmates endure behind bars are supposed to reform and ready prisoners for a second shot.

For many, having a home is the key they need to unlock a secure and productive life.
The men will assign a bed and meet with a case manager to discuss their needs. While providing men with clean, safe shelter is critical, we know that long-term success is only achieved when a combination of emotional, physical, behavioral, and spiritual support is provided.

Diagnosis of underlying, and often generational, issues is the foundation for action plans and goals designed to promote overall health and well-being. We will help prepare guests to find and seek employment opportunities that offer a career path, rather than a survival-mode job

Services we will offer:

At the Casa de la Divina Providencia, our focus is not just about getting people off the street. It is about helping them build a foundation for a changed life.
Critical to that change is giving the educational support and tools toward becoming gainfully employed and to further their education.
At the Casa de la Divina Providencia, participants are provided with resume-building help, job-readiness skills, interviewing skills, access to employment searches online, and professional clothing for interviews.

  • Case Management and Goal Setting (Weekly)
  • Chapel Services and Bible Studies (Optional)
  • Classes: Motivational; Life Management Skills; Addictive Behavior; Parenting; GED
  • Collaboration with Civic Entities and Local Businesses to Impact Poverty
  • Counseling Resources
  • Educational Guidance (GED Classes; College; Trade School Guidance
  • Home Economics
  • Housing (Permanent) Search Assistance
  • Job Identification and Search Assistance; Job Readiness and Enrichment Programs
  • Mentoring and Biblical Counseling
  • Money Management Skill Training.
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