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About Us

IARS has been dedicated to reducing suffering and fighting hunger and poverty.

The international American Relief society IARS is a humanitarian organization specialized in tackling poverty worldwide. IARS saves the lives of malnourished children and their families and works with vulnerable populations to preserve and restore their livelihoods with dignity.

IARS works in partnership with local organizations where our support is needed. Domestic partnerships are a crucial element in the fight against hunger and local organizations play a significant role in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations, of people suffering from malnutrition and affected by food insecurity.

Our Programs

Our vision is just a world without poverty. Here are some of our programs:

Emergency Response

Working in developing countries is often a daily struggle for survival. Floods, earthquakes, war or conflicts can destroy a life and all assets in the blink of an eye.

Working side by side with affected people

The International American Relief Society IARS is amongst the first to arrive and the last to leave during a humanitarian crisis. We are responding to today’s emergencies and helping people prepare for tomorrows.

Gender Equality and Emergencies

When disaster strikes, women and youth often suffer most. On average, more women die during and shortly after disasters than men because women are more likely to rescue their children over themselves and are less likely to know how to swim and climb.

We work in over three countries worldwide to carry out innovative programs to fight poverty

How You Can Help

Here are 3 ways to Help:

We believe in working directly with local people, in collaboration with local bodies and other international agencies.

Join us by giving of your time and providing your help in many of the areas we need help with.

Your donations help us carry our programs and assist all of those in need. We believe in a common effort that can change lives.

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